Be Disciples, Make Disciples. 

We believe the goal of the church is to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus.  This can be accomplished by: helping people to love God better, to love people better, to serve more faithfully, and to share Jesus more frequently with those around us.

Join us this December for our new sermon series focused on the Advent season. Advent is a time of preparation. The 4 weeks leading up to Christmas, we prepare our hearts for something special. One of the most traditional themes is to focus on 4 qualities prevalent in Christianity: hope, peace, joy, and love. Believing that Jesus offers these things is different than experiencing them in full. How does Jesus give us hope, peace, joy, and love? And how do we grow to have more of these, especially in those times where we don’t feel it? 

If you aren’t able to make it to church, you can still join us in worship! For more information on how to live stream our Sunday Services click here!

We know it can be intimidating to visit a new church, but we’re glad that you’ve discovered Church of Christ Presbyterian!

Whether this is your first time going to a church, you’re just visiting, or you’re looking for a new church to call home, we look forward to having you join us for worship.

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Join us for our annual Advent potluck Saturday December 15th at 5:00pm!

Bring a dish to share and a song in your heart as we fellowship together over a wonderful meal, Christmas carols, and a lip sync battle! For more information contact us.

 Click the image above for more details on our current D.I.G classes.

Click the image above for more details on our current D.I.G classes.



If you would like more information about joining one of our many different small groups click the link below. There's a group for everyone!