Summer of Romans

Romans is one of the foundational books of the faith, especially for us as protestant Christians. It was Martin Luther’s reading through Romans that launched the Reformation, and it’s full of great wisdom. We’ll spend the summer studying Romans at 1 chapter per week. The sermon series is designed to give us a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the book of Romans, so that when we read it ourselves, we can follow what’s happening. We’ll cover the main points of Romans, and just by listening to the sermon you’ll learn, but the hope is that you’ll be reading through these chapters as well.

Week 1a

May 19, 2019

Romans 1:1-17 - Introduction

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Week 1b

May 26, 2019

Romans 1:18-32 - Righteousness means being “right with God”, but God pours out wrath on unrighteousness. Before we can understand the gospel of salvation, we need to know what we’re being saved from, and you may surprised what Paul writes about God’s wrath.

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Week 2

June 2, 2019

Romans 2 - The Jewish Christians in Rome were proud of their religious traditions and heritage, and they aren’t alone. Many people in the church today are proud of their religious heritage, and trust in religious demonstration to please God. Unfortunately, Paul’s message in Romans 2 is that Religion can’t make you Righteous.

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Week 3

June 9, 2019

Romans 3 - Paul has built his legal argument that everyone deserves wrath and judgment. But after we accept the bad news of our guilt, we are ready for the good news of the gospel.

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Week 4

June 16, 2019

Romans 4 - Paul uses the example of Abraham to demonstrate the power of Faith over Works.

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Week 5

June 23, 2019

Romans 5 - Paul wants us to know that the benefits of the gospel don’t stop with being declared righteous. God has a host of blessings that we receive access to when we are “in Christ”.

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Romans 6 - While it’s true that it means God declares us righteous because Jesus is righteous, it also means that our lives need to change because we are now righteous.

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Week 6

June 30, 2019

Romans 7 - Have you ever felt like no matter how hard to try to do the right thing, you’ve failed in one way or another? In Romans 7, Paul tells us that feeling is normal – inevitable even – since as humans, we are hopelessly infected with sin.

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Week 7

July 7, 2019

Romans 8 - Romans 8 describes at length the benefits that come to those who are in Christ. But the thread that ties many of these benefits together is that were are given the Holy Spirit and encouraged to “walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.”

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Week 8

July 14, 2019

Romans 9

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Week 9

July 21, 2019

Romans 10

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Week 10

August 4, 2019

Romans 11 - Paul reveals God’s plan for Israel, and it’s a plan nobody would have ever imagined. Instead of rejecting Israel (as some in Rome were expecting), a mystery is revealed that offers salvation for all – the Jew and the Greek.

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Week 11

August 11, 2019

Romans 12 - Everyone knows 1 Corinthians 13 is a great chapter on love, but Romans 12 might be even better. What does it mean to put into practice the Gospel of Justification by Faith and of No Condemnation in Christ? First and foremost, it means learning how to love.

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Week 12

August 18, 2019

Romans 13

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Week 13

August 25, 2019